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Voip Services

Voip Service/Sip Trunking

Whether you have recently purchased our phone system or outbound dialer or you are simply looking for a reliable carrier for your current dialing system, Orion Communications offers sip long distance services for less than a penny per minute or $40.00/agent per month for unlimited use capped with a 4 to 1 line to agent ratio.

The last thing a business wants to worry about in a new call center environment is finding a voip provider that they can trust. Through the process of trial and error as well as monthly volume based negotiations, we are now able to offer low tier prices using top tier carriers. Orion will handle all billing and technical support on your behalf so you do not ever have to worry about the headache of dealing directly with the phone company. If you rent or host with Orion, the voip services are included in your monthly payment at no extra cost.

Simply provide us with a public ip from your internet provider and we can have an account setup for you within 3 days regardless of the system you are using. We can also help guarantee security and quality using the Orion systems with our quality of service settings within the equipment as well as our pbx firewall. We also offer Inbound DID services with accurate CNAM caller id display. We can forward your DIDS to another number or numbers or set them up to be answered directly if you are using one of our systems.

At Orion we believe in making things as simple as possible for our customers while also maintaining quality. We have eliminated the heavy markup experienced by the average consumer while working only with top tier carriers to guarantee your satisfaction. Should you ever have an issue or question you can call Orion directly where your call will be answered directly with no menu prompts. There are no contracts required and you can cancel at any time. Low cost, low stress, high satisfaction.

First Hello Technology

The Razor Predictive Dialer System offers First Hello technology for an instant connection with the customer.

Agent Monitoring

More than just an predictive dialer, Razor’s state-of-the-art agent monitoring system allows you to choose from three different monitoring levels: Silent, Coach or Barge.

Branched Scripting

Razor’s predictive dialer software allows managers to create advanced branched scripting. Branched scripting allows call center agents to give customers pre-scripted answers to questions.

IVR Software

IVR Software allows you to qualify your customers by giving them pre-recorded options to select by keytone and then transfers them to the appropriate department.


Razor’s FAQs help to eliminate some of the confusion commonly found with predictive dialing software.