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  • We couldn’t be happier with our Razor predictive dialer. We came off of a hosted predictive dialer solution and have been kicking ourselves for not doing this sooner. Our agent productivity is up 32%, while at the same time, our list usage and phone bill has decreased by 30%. Orion’s installation/support team has been terrific, spending hours of their time helping us maximize the productivity of our new solution. This has been the best investment in our company so far.” Matthew Crow, Ellis Crow Solutions
  • The Razor dialer is like no other one out there. With the first hello technology and the knowledgeable staff it makes running a system such as this turn key. The staff at Orion are always willing to help no matter what coast your on, way above and beyond the call of duty at all times. Keep it up guys; you got the best dialer system out there.!!!! Not to mention probably the most real people on the web as far as price and expansion. If you start with a 8 seat they will not charge you a arm n leg to move your business in an uphill manner. THANKS AGAIN!!!!! Charlie Rose
    San Diego, CA
  • Our Insurance Agency has been able to increase productivity due to The dialer, more important is the commitment to service and support your Company provides.

    We truly appreciate our relationship with you and your company.

    We are extremely please with Orion who were the right people for the job! Howard Gnatowsky
    President, Mature Health Services, Inc.

First Hello Technology

The Razor Predictive Dialer System offers First Hello technology for an instant connection with the customer.

Agent Monitoring

More than just an predictive dialer, Razor’s state-of-the-art agent monitoring system allows you to choose from three different monitoring levels: Silent, Coach or Barge.

Branched Scripting

Razor’s predictive dialer software allows managers to create advanced branched scripting. Branched scripting allows call center agents to give customers pre-scripted answers to questions.

IVR Software

IVR Software allows you to qualify your customers by giving them pre-recorded options to select by keytone and then transfers them to the appropriate department.


Razor’s FAQs help to eliminate some of the confusion commonly found with predictive dialing software.