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Increase revenues by lowering your cost-per-lead and improving employee retention.

Outbound predictive dialer software has become the industry standard for telemarketing software and call centers.  By increasing agent productivity, streamlining lead management, and eliminating downtime; predictive dialer software will generally lead to at least doubling a company’s sales. Our call center solution is a comprehensive package of lead management and predictive dialing tools designed and built to meet one end: increasing companies like yours’ revenues. With our software you can reach up to three times as many leads while remaining compliant to industry regulations.

Benefits Summary

  • Increase agent productivity
  • Enhance lead quality
  • FTC and FCC compliance
  • Reduced average call times

By tripling connections, our call center solution with outbound predictive dialing increase business activity, agent productivity, and lowers your cost per lead.

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Benefits Expanded

More Productive Agents

With manual dialing, two thirds of calls result in busy signals, answering machines, fax machines, or no answer. Our predictive dialer connects calls only with live recipients, which means 2-3 times more calls, 2-3 times more connections, and 2-3 times more leads – all in less time!

Better Lead Quality

Someone who could possibly use your service or product but does not know about it is called a ‘prospect’. Once you have made first contact they become a ‘lead’. Our call center software solution helps you generate better quality leads from your calls by providing your agents with the information and tools they need to convert a prospect into a lead. Our robust branched scripting populates with the customer’s information to allow for a smooth conversation without awkward silences. Our Answers Report, First Hello Technology, and Disposition Reporting ensures that each lead you contact will receive first class service and accurate, useful records will be saved on each call.

‘Do Not Call’ (DNC) & Abandonment Rate Compliance

The Razor Predictive Dialer automatically scrubs your leads against the DNC Registry so you never have to worry about calling someone who is registered. Additionally, our system has a One Touch DNC Hotkey for those leads that say they do not want to be called again. Once you have added a number into your DNC list, it will automatically remove that number from future lists as you load them into your system. Most countries including the U.S. and Canada have laws regarding the percentage of ‘abandoned’ calls a call center is allowed to make. With our system, you can guarantee compliance by setting the allowed tolerance of the abandonment rate; once set the dialer will remain below the set percentage.

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Razor Predictive Dialer Software Statistics:

  • Two-thirds of all telemarketing calls result in busy signals, answering machines, fax machines, no answer, and disconnected numbers.  A predictive dialer only connects the call to an agent if a live person has answered the phone.  As you can see, it is easy to double or triple the amount of time telemarketing agents spend talking on live calls.
  • Manually dialing takes time.  It takes time for telemarketers to read the number, time to dial the number, and then time to wait for it to ring.  Predictive dialer software eliminates all of this downtime by connecting live calls only after this entire process is completed automatically by the dialer software.
  • Lead lists can be difficult to manage manually.  First the telemarketing center has to distribute the lists out to the employees, and then each employee has to manually track the results of each call.  In the telemarketing industry this is called ‘after call work’.   Our predictive dialer software includes robust lead management tools that handle all of your before and after call work.  Load one list for your entire sales team and be confident that they aren’t calling the same people.
  • Lead list results are important for telemarketers.  With manual calling, salespeople have to enter their results either into a computer system or manually record them.  Our dialer software uses a detailed lead disposition system including hotkeys.  For example, if a customer says they are not interested because they already use a similar service, a call center could have a disposition set called ‘not interested – already have service’.   When they give that answer, the sales agent could then use a one-touch hotkey to mark the lead as that disposition.  The administrator can then produce a report that shows all of the dispositions for the lead list.  This can save hundreds of hours of manually entering data.

Laws and Regulations Compliance:

  • The FTC and FCC have regulations on the telemarketing industry in regards to the number of ‘abandoned’ calls that can be made using dialing software.  In the U.S., this is 3%.  The Razor Predictive Dialer System automatically manages the tolerance rate of abandoned calls within its algorithm.  Other dialers monitor but cannot control the abandonment rate.
  • The FTC and FCC also regulate the National Do Not Call Registry.  A telemarketing company can be heavily fined for not being in compliance with this.  Our dialing software allows you to load the National Do Not Call list into it and automatically scrubs your lead lists against it, guaranteeing that you are compliant with the list.


First Hello Technology

The Razor Predictive Dialer System offers First Hello technology for an instant connection with the customer.

Agent Monitoring

More than just an predictive dialer, Razor’s state-of-the-art agent monitoring system allows you to choose from three different monitoring levels: Silent, Coach or Barge.

Branched Scripting

Razor’s predictive dialer software allows managers to create advanced branched scripting. Branched scripting allows call center agents to give customers pre-scripted answers to questions.

IVR Software

IVR Software allows you to qualify your customers by giving them pre-recorded options to select by keytone and then transfers them to the appropriate department.


Razor’s FAQs help to eliminate some of the confusion commonly found with predictive dialing software.