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Government Agencies

Predictive Dialers for Government Agencies

Get better results from a variety of tasks using the Razor Predictive Dialer.

Government-related agencies and companies have a large variety of tasks and related functions that they need to operate. Our software is designed to provide the largest selection of features to accommodate many of the needs of government related industries and to increase results from those tasks. Whether it is for political campaigning or military recruitment; the Razor Predictive Dialer can help you maximize your productivity and results while maintaining a manageable budget. Our administrative tools give you total control over the operation of your call center system and provide the following benefits.

Benefits Summary

  • Increase call agent productivity
  • Contact more people
  • Lower the cost per contact
  • Sophisticated lead tracking and administrative tools

Using the Razor predictive dialer can produce up to three times as many contacts, making our outbound solution one of the top in the call center industry. Lowering the cost per contact, increasing agent productivity, and maximizing contributions and recruits; makes owning a Razor predictive dialer an easy choice. Our dialer also handles inbound call routing and Interactive Voice Reponse (IVR Software) so your branch can take on a larger inbound call volume easily.

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Benefits Expanded

More Productive Agents

Our predictive dialer handles everything from dialing the phone number, waiting for the answer, to detecting busy or disconnected lines and fax machines, while reducing the number of answering machines your agents reach. The dialer only connects an agent to the call after all the above conditions have been met; effectively eliminating half to two-thirds of the time it takes to reach a live person. This effective, fast way to dial contacts will allow you to gather more contributions or reach more potential recruits.

Lower Costs

Your political campaign or recuitment office will save on its budget when your agents are doubling or even tripling their productivity. With our sophisticated branched scripting and advanced agent monitoring system; you can increase your contribution amounts and your recruitment close rate.

Easy Scalability

The Razor predictive dialer is easy to upgrade or downgrade the number of active agents. As your agency grows, so can your dialer. Additional agent licenses are very reasonably priced and our company is happy to help you grow your call center.

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Features and Government Agency Specific Benefits

  • The Razor dialer addresses a large variety of functions to handle nearly all outbound and inbound contact center needs for government agencies. Amongst these are First Hello Technology, Agent Monitoring, Branched Scripting, IVR Software,
  • Each agent will be able to transfer calls, schedule appointments and callbacks, disposition calls as sales, not interested, no answer, or any variety of options you set it to. They can even play a pre-recorded message or song via an onboard mp3 player. Each time a call connects to an agent, they will see a custom script that is populated with the lead information. This allows a natural flow of conversation as the agent has all the necessary information in one convenient location.


  • Branched Scripting is standard on the dialer and allows you to create very versatile sales scripts that handle objections with programmed rebuttals specific to your needs.  Our dialer also uses branched scripting to create inbound and outbound IVR campaigns.


  • The Razor predictive dialer pricing always includes installation, configuration, and technical training to insure your system is installed, operational, and your people know how to operate the dialer software.
  • Our software includes a motivational application called The Horse Race.  This feature is a great motivational tool that can be used by first contact agents or verification agents to create some friendly competition by tracking sales volume and displaying it for everyone to see who is in the lead.


  • Our predictive dialer can be used with traditional analog phone lines, digital T1 lines, or even over the internet on a high speed broadband connection using a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  This means that you can be sure that our phone dialer will work with the services available in your area.
  • The Razor predictive dialer software is remote enabled, meaning you can access it from anywhere that you have a computer, broadband internet, and a headset with a microphone.  You can make and take calls from home, on the road, and even manage the calling campaigns remotely.
  • Agent Monitoring is very important in a mortgage call center. The ability for supervisors to Listen, Coach, or Barge into a call can mean the difference between a new recruit or a lost opportunity.


  • Administrators can bring up the Monitoring screen to get real-time statistics on the operation of the dialer and their agents’ activities.


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