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Branched Scripting

Razor’s predictive dialer software branched scripting technology allows call center dialer administrators to create a tree-like structure for agents to follow while on calls with customers. These scripts give the call center agent a line of text and possible customer responses. The agent then selects the appropriate response, and the Razor predictive dialer software delivers a new question and set of responses.

The scripting is flexible. It allows administrators to set up specific questions with several different types of answers, including yes or no, multiple choice, or items list. Answers redirect the script to predefined responses.

The text in the question is also flexible. Since the scripts are tied into the software’s database, they can dynamically present customer specific data. For the name, administrators type up the question and insert the <first_name> <last_name> tags. When the script is presented to the agent, it generates the data in the database. Using the figure above as an example; the administrator writes the script to say, “Hello, may I speak to <gender>. <first_name> <last_name>.” The call center agent sees, “Hello, may I speak to Mr. Tom Jefferson.”

This scripting also allows agents to enter data into the database. This allows agents to update a customer’s call information, purchasing and credit information, and modify call times.


First Hello Technology

The Razor Predictive Dialer System offers First Hello technology for an instant connection with the customer.

Agent Monitoring

More than just an predictive dialer, Razor’s state-of-the-art agent monitoring system allows you to choose from three different monitoring levels: Silent, Coach or Barge.

Branched Scripting

Razor’s predictive dialer software allows managers to create advanced branched scripting. Branched scripting allows call center agents to give customers pre-scripted answers to questions.

IVR Software

IVR Software allows you to qualify your customers by giving them pre-recorded options to select by keytone and then transfers them to the appropriate department.


Razor’s FAQs help to eliminate some of the confusion commonly found with predictive dialing software.