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Agent Monitoring


The Razor Predictive Dialer System includes ‘Agent Monitoring’. When you would like to evaluate agents or make sure they are doing their job correctly, a supervisor can silently monitor any agent with the click of a button. The agent does not hear any clicks, humming or buzzing as with most phone dialers, they have no idea you are listening to them so they don’t suddenly act on their best behavior. This allows you to listen to them when they are working as they normally do and give them real-world advice, or to catch an agent who is not doing their job correctly.

The second level of monitoring is to “barge” into a phone call. When you barge into a phone call, it is much like making a conference call where you, the agent and the customer, are all on the phone at the same time. This is useful when the customer asks a question the agent can’t answer, or when you have a customer on the phone looking to place a large order.
The third level of monitoring is called “coaching”. Coaching can be very beneficial when an agent is too timid to ask for the sale, when they are not asking the right questions or when they aren’t giving the correct rebuttals or responses. When you coach an agent, only the agent can hear you speak and the customer has no idea you are on the phone.

The Razor predictive dialer software does not require you to take an agent station to monitor. If you have a 12 agent Razor predictive dialer system, you are able to have 12 agents dialing and still have supervisors monitoring while all of your agents are logged into the system. The sophisticated call center dialer monitoring system that is standard equipment on our Razor predictive dialer will allow you to monitor any agent at any time. Less sophisticated phone dialers will allow you to choose which agent you would like to monitor at any time, but will not let you listen in until after they have finished the current phone call and have started the next phone call.

First Hello Technology

The Razor Predictive Dialer System offers First Hello technology for an instant connection with the customer.

Agent Monitoring

More than just an predictive dialer, Razor’s state-of-the-art agent monitoring system allows you to choose from three different monitoring levels: Silent, Coach or Barge.

Branched Scripting

Razor’s predictive dialer software allows managers to create advanced branched scripting. Branched scripting allows call center agents to give customers pre-scripted answers to questions.

IVR Software

IVR Software allows you to qualify your customers by giving them pre-recorded options to select by keytone and then transfers them to the appropriate department.


Razor’s FAQs help to eliminate some of the confusion commonly found with predictive dialing software.